Character design Guide _by Hugo richard


Hey guys! 

this guide will help artist in every level ( beginners- intermediate -professional) 

I was very hesitant to create this since those are my personal thoughts about the creation of my own characters, but during my lives on twitch I noticed that all the advice that I was giving to people was in fact helping them a lot , so I finally decided to do it,  and now  I`m really happy to create this small guide for you guys!

In this File you will find :

_full image of the characters

an a Guide(PSD)with:

- Introduction about my process to create characters

- Valuable tips about the creation of a character and steps that I usually go through creating mine

- The importance of build your visual library and how to develop it.

- color scheme and why it is important develop a sense for color when you`re creating your character 

- and a very personal talk about the final result of your artwork when it comes to render and texture.

I really hope you guys find it useful and can use it in your daily base workflow 

OBS** those are my thoughts and are not rules of how to create your character, I`m just sharing a bit of my process to help people that are trying to level up there thoughts and skills about  the creation of a character 

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